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Eat Capture Share - a podcast for food bloggers

Oct 21, 2019

In today’s episode (29) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m talking to Bailey Parnell, CEO and Founder of Skills Camp. Bailey is also a TEDTALK speaker, researcher and expert in the field of social media and its relationship to our mental health. Here’s what you can expect from today’s episode …

  • We speak at length about addiction and social media use 

  • We chat about how we can use social media as content creators without it becoming an unhealthy addiction

  • We talk about whether anxiety and social media can be linked; the research results may surprise you

  • Bailey explains what you can do to decrease any sense of anxiety, depression and addiction when using social media

  • We chat about what social media platforms are doing to keep us using them for longer

  • We discuss the pros and cons of being vulnerable on social media and how to set your own boundaries

  • Bailey talks about how instagram is responding to the growing evidence that social media use and mental well-being are linked 

  • We chat about how social media is influencing culture and food trends.

  • Bailey gives us her top three tops on staying happy and safe as content creators on social media

You can find the show notes and that free PDF here: 

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