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Eat Capture Share - a podcast for food bloggers

Nov 30, 2020

In today’s episode (53) of the EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE Podcast, I’m speaking with Becky Hadeed, a food photographer, food blogger and podcast host of The Storied Recipe Podcast. In this riveting interview Becky shares her experience of having her instagram account hacked, what lessons she learned in the process and outlines what YOU need to know to stay safe and thrive on social media. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode….


  • Becky introduces herself

  • Becky shares how her instagram account got hacked

  • Becky outlines what the appeal process was like

  • Becky explains why it’s important not to approach the subject of instagram security with fear

  • We chat about why instagram hacks and instagram security issues are more prevalent

  • We explore why hackers would want to access your instagram account

  • Becky explains how people can get their instagram account back once it’s been hacked and why it IS possible!

  • Becky shares why she decided to start a brand new instagram account

  • Becky outlines the three biggest lessons she learned from this experience

  • We chat about how we’re really feeling about instagram right now

  • Becky discusses the benefit of journalling for creatives