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Eat Capture Share - a podcast for food bloggers

Jan 1, 2021

In today’s solo episode (56) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I’m sharing more lessons I have learned on my book writing journey, focusing specifically on the final stages of creating, launching and marketing a self published book. As always I leave no stone unturned, sharing as much value with you as I possible can. Here’s exactly what you can expect from today’s episode…


  • I read a short excerpt from Creative Food Photography: How to capture exceptional images of food

  • I talk about why it’s crucial to get an objective, outside perspective on the book/product/service you are creating

  • I share why it’s important to be able to pivot during your creative process

  • I explain why it’s essential to inject personality into the products, books, services, courses etc. you create

  • I talk in depth about how the pandemic and also the murder of George Floyd impacted the creation of the book

  • I reveal why it’s important to plan and schedule out your book shoot (or product creation process)

  • I highlight why it can be incredibly impactful to share your process with your audience

  • I share what unique value a traditional publisher brings to the book creation process that I’d completely underestimated

  • I explain why marketing you book is EVERYTHING

  • I note why honest reviews are incredible important, especially on Amazon and especially for self published authors