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Eat Capture Share - a podcast for food bloggers

May 24, 2023

In today's mini solo episode (113) of the EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I talk about whether niching down is super smart or simply a bad idea!


Here's exactly what you can expect from today's episode...

  • I share some exciting news!

  • I outline what you need to keep in mind when considering whether to niche down or not, if you wish to attract brands and/or food photography clients.

  • I chat about putting in 10,000 and how it relates to niching down and excelling at your craft.

  • I openly share a ‘mistake’ I’ve made in my career around niching down and how it’s affecting me today in my creative business.

  • I outline a key question to ask yourself that can help you establish whether niching down is for you.